Lightroom /Photoshop Workshop for Beginners – 4 hour Crash Course in Brooklyn

Class Description : This is a 4 hour Photoshop/Lightroom workshop for the beginner or advance photographer. Explore the power of both Photoshop & Lightroom to bring your photography to the next level. We will also be doing a location photoshoot to create images for the class.

Workshop Dates : October 1 -28, 2018  All classes by appointment.

Workshop Locations : Brooklyn Heights, Midtown Manhattan

Workshop Fee : $ 125 Special for August  only, $ 200 for 2 people

Topics covered will include suggested program preferences, the various revised and new modules and panels and what they do, assorted tools and presets, templates, working in programs with plug-ins such as Silver Efex Pro (for black-and-white conversions), Color Efex Pro (for special effects), Photomatix and HDR Efex Pro (for processing HDR images), and Photoshop (for other tasks – stitching and content aware fill, among others).

We begin with an introductory overview of Adobe Lightroom 4.0, which describes the database components, catalog files, previews files, the metadata structure, and the steps for setting up application preferences specific to your personal digital photography workflow requirements.

Topics include digital camera setup, choosing appropriate file formats for image capture, efficiently downloading images from camera or hard drive, sorting, rating, editing, global tone and color correction, critical local corrections, input and output sharpening, presenting slideshows, and printing photographic images using Adobe Lightroom 4.0 from start to finish. Our experts emphasizes using Adobe Lightroom to its fullest potential by generating time-saving keywords and metadata searches, presets, and templates.

Once images are organized and processed, participants learn how to produce slideshows and web galleries within Lightroom 4.0. We also study slide presentations and look at ways to integrate Adobe Photoshop or Elements for further image processing if desired. Elle will share his recommendations and strategies for making clear decisions based on how Lightroom benefits each participant’s personal approach and digital photography workflow needs.

Under our guidance, participants come to see why Adobe Lightroom 4.0 puts deliberate focus on the word “speed”. Learning this program allows photographers to spend less time in front of their computers and more time behind their cameras.

What you will learn in the One Day Photoshop Class

  • How to optimize photos and other images for Web and Print.
  • How to work on individual (selected) parts of an image
  • How to work in an organized, best-practices fashion
  • How to apply artistic effects to selections or whole layers
  • How to create seamless composites from multiple image sources.
  • How to fix badly damaged images, such as old torn photos
  • How to distort and transform images
  • How to save images for print and the web.
  • How to optimize images for the high-resolution displays, such as on the Apple iPad 3.
  • How to communicate visually with impact and clarity.
  • brooklyn promenade nite nokia lumia
  • Shot with a Nokia cell phone

Chicago Photoshop & Lightroom Basics for Beginners

Learn the Fundamentals of Lightrooom 4/5

Learn the Basics of Photoshop

This is a 2 session Photoshop & Lightroom Workshop in Chicago, Illinois
First session – Photoshop Basics – 4 hours
Second session – Lightroom Basics – 4 hours
Workshop Fee : $ 225 per person
Dates available: July . 5 – August . 5, 2016
Workshop Locations : Downtown
What to bring : Windows or Mac Laptop with Photoshop & Lightroom installed




Photoshop Strengths

Pixel-level editing
Compositing and blending
Huge toolbox

Photoshop Weaknesses

Steeper learning curve
No built-in RAW editing
No image management

Lightroom Strengths

Built-in RAW editing
Simple and easy to use

Lightroom Weaknesses

No advanced editing tools
No layer management
Photos only