DSLR Camera Basics Crash Course – Master your Nikon or Canon DSLR Camera

Brooklyn Bridge ParkPier2 BW

Dates Available : October 8-28, 2018
Shooting Locations :  Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Grand Central
Meeting Place : Starbucks on Montague  . Morning class starts 8 am, Afternoon class starts 1 pm.
What to bring : DSLR camera and two lenses, external flash and tripod optional, notepad & pen
Workshop Fee : $ 175 for a 4 hour class ( for person ). $ 200 for 2 people

Topics to discuss:
Learning how to hold your camera correctly. Breathing techniques. Choosing shooting mode, focus point. Auto versus Program Mode, Choosint the auto focus mode Picking the scene modes ( natural, vivid, neutral, black & white
Aperture versus Shutter Priority, Advantages of shooting manual versus automatic
Exposure compensation, Understanding ISO settings, Adjusting white balance