Street Photography Workshops in New York City – Document people and places

This is a 4 hour street documentary workshop for beginners

Workshop Location : Central Park, Queens (Jackson Heights) Coney Island
Workshop Dates:  May 2 – June 15, 2019
Workshop Fee: $ 175 for each person

What to bring : Any DSLR camera with a standard kit lens ( usually 18-55m ).Bring a telephoto and a prime lens too if you have one. Bring an artist pad to write notes as I teach photography using illustrations on paper.


Join a group of fellow street photographers as we roam the streets of New York . We will be documenting the daily life of New Yorkers. I will show you my working method of using my camera as my personal means of expression. In this process you’ll learn the immediate way in which to captures everyday reality, and your efforts to allow photographs to have a visual language of their own. You will get insight as to how to approach strangers, photograph people with confidence, and the importance of following your gut reaction. If you enjoy street photography or storytelling as a visual language, then this street photography workshop is for you.