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Digital Camera Basics for Beginners in Philadelphia

Get technical with Elle in this 2-part Camera Basics Workshop for Beginners. Elle  is a bi-coastal commercial  & portrait photographer specializing in shooting portraits, fashion, travel, landscapes, & street documentary.   His  website is Workshop Fee : $ 250 for the two classes. Part 1 & 2 – Camera Basics. Classes are 4 hours long. […]

New York City Digital Photography/Photoshop/ Lightroom Crash Course for Beginners

2 Session Digital Photography/ Photo Editing Crash Couse for Beginners Class Description : This is a 2 part Workshop. First Session is Digital Photography Basics, Second Session is Photoshop/Lightroom Basics. You can take the class Mon/Tues, Mon/Wed, Fri/Sat. Classes are 3 hours each.   Dates available:  April 2 – June 2, 2019 Shooting Locations : […]

New York City Digital Photography/Photoshop/ Lightroom Crash Course for Beginners

2 Session Digital Photography/ Photo Editing Crash Couse for Beginners

Class Description : This is a 2 part Workshop. First Session is Digital Photography Basics, Second Session is Photoshop/Lightroom Basics. You can take the class Mon/Tues, Mon/Wed, Fri/Sat. Classes are 3 hours each.


Dates available:  April 2 – June 2, 2019
Shooting Locations : Metropolitan Museum of Art ( digital photography basics ). Photoshop and Lightroom workshop. We will meet in mid-town or Brooklyn Heights.

Workshop fee: $ 200 for each student. $ 300 for 2 people, Max. of 4 students. All classes must be paid in full via Paypal before the class.

Subject Matter: Architecture, Interiors, Macro Photography, Winter Landscape Photography.
Technical topics: Mastering the three most popular exposure settings ( Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual ), Color correction techniques using White Balance Settings, and Picture Styles, Exposure Compensation experiment ( effects of over and under exposure ). Photoshop and Lightroom Basics.

What’s included: Hands-on photo instruction with a small group, photo tips book ( PDF files ) Elle’s special composition tool, photo critique. Handouts in photoshop and Lightroom

What to bring : DSLR Camera with 2 lenses, Water and hat comfortable walking shoes, note pad and pen. A small laptop to upload and review photos.

Street Photography Workshops in New York City – Document people and places

This is a 4 hour street documentary workshop for beginners

Workshop Location : Central Park, Queens (Jackson Heights) Coney Island
Workshop Dates:  May 2 – June 15, 2019
Workshop Fee: $ 175 for each person

What to bring : Any DSLR camera with a standard kit lens ( usually 18-55m ).Bring a telephoto and a prime lens too if you have one. Bring an artist pad to write notes as I teach photography using illustrations on paper.


Join a group of fellow street photographers as we roam the streets of New York . We will be documenting the daily life of New Yorkers. I will show you my working method of using my camera as my personal means of expression. In this process you’ll learn the immediate way in which to captures everyday reality, and your efforts to allow photographs to have a visual language of their own. You will get insight as to how to approach strangers, photograph people with confidence, and the importance of following your gut reaction. If you enjoy street photography or storytelling as a visual language, then this street photography workshop is for you.

Canon DSLR Workshop in Atlanta & Savannah, Georgia

Dates available:  April 8 – June 30 , 2019
All workshops are by appointment. Maximum of 4 students.
Shooting locations : Historic District, Bonaventure Cemetery, Tybee Island

Shooting times are from 2-6 pm and 6-10 pm for Night Photo Workshop
Workshop Fee : $ 250 for a two session class ( 5 hours )  $ 350 for 1 day

In this hands-on workshop you will learn all the basics of operating your Canon digital camera equipment. Have you ever thought about how much you could improve your photography if only you really understood all the powerful functions of your Canon DSLR ?

Are you looking for Canon specific digital workflow tips and techniques to improve speed, ease, confidence and control over your images? Then taking part in our new Mastering Your Canon Digital SLR Workshop is the answer!

In this class, whether you have an entry level DSLR or a high-end professional model, we will teach you how to get the most out of your Canon Digital SLR. We will discuss recommended Canon lenses and Canon Accessories. This class is Tailored specifically for Canon DSLR users, this fun and informative Workshop will have you feeling in control of your equipment.

This class is great for people who recently bought a Canon 5D Mark 3, Canon 80D, or a Canon T61

New Orleans DSLR Basics Workshops

Great photo workshop for travel bloggers in New Orleans.

Hello NOLA natives,

Are you just starting out how to master your new digital camera ?
Are you confused on what buttons to push to get the correct exposure ?
Are you suffering from blurry or out of focus pictures ?
Do you want to learn how to clean up your photos with Photoshop or Pixlr ?

Dates of my workshop : April  15 – June 15. 2019
Workshop fee: $ 300 for a three-session class. Each session is 4 hours.
Schedules are : Mon./Wed/ Fri. or Tues/Thurs/Sat or flexible days during the week.
Time schedules are morning, afternoon, , & eves ( 6 – 10 pm)

Class outline to follow:

DSLR Camera Basics Crash Course – Master your Nikon or Canon DSLR Camera

Brooklyn Bridge ParkPier2 BW

Dates Available : October 8-28, 2018
Shooting Locations :  Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Grand Central
Meeting Place : Starbucks on Montague  . Morning class starts 8 am, Afternoon class starts 1 pm.
What to bring : DSLR camera and two lenses, external flash and tripod optional, notepad & pen
Workshop Fee : $ 175 for a 4 hour class ( for person ). $ 200 for 2 people

Topics to discuss:
Learning how to hold your camera correctly. Breathing techniques. Choosing shooting mode, focus point. Auto versus Program Mode, Choosint the auto focus mode Picking the scene modes ( natural, vivid, neutral, black & white
Aperture versus Shutter Priority, Advantages of shooting manual versus automatic
Exposure compensation, Understanding ISO settings, Adjusting white balance



Dallas, Texas – Digital Photography Basics & Photoshop Basics Workshop for Beginner

Learn to Master your Nikon or Canon DSLR Camera – Learn from a Pro

Hello Dallas Friends. Here is a great beginner’s photo class to improving your
technical skill and creative skills in photography. I will also have an intro into Photoshops Basics for beginners.

Dates available : March 15 – 30 , 2018
Meeting Place : Dallas Arboreteum

Workshop Fee: $ 125  for the 4 hour  workshop ( 1) person, $ 200 for 2 people. The most popular class for beginners is the 2 session class ( $ 200 ) taken in two successive days. I need 2-3 students to sign up for this class.

Come join me and my other students in this intensive digital media workshop.

Photography topics covered : Basic photography skills- lighting, exposure, composition, How to use those fancy doodads on your camera, How to prevent blurry shots. How to compose those colorful travel postcards ? Why flash improves your photo quality ? How to photograph your friends and family in front of famous attractions? Learn to use only the most important controls on your digital SLR ( Nikon or Canon )

I will also teach you about color theory and art principles ( line, shape, color, texture, perspective, that will improved your picture taking skills. I give a hands-on teaching approach to all my students and make it possible to teach technical subjects in a non-complicated way to beginners. At the end of the photo workshop, you will learn new ideas, techniques, & photographic tips that will enhance your vision as a photographic artist.
A tripod will be required.

Topics covered :

I will be teaching this class in one straight 4 hour session or two sessions. The morning class is digital photography basics and the afternoon session I will be teaching Photoshop basics. We will be using images from our morning photo shoot.

Lightroom /Photoshop Workshop for Beginners – 4 hour Crash Course in Brooklyn

Class Description : This is a 4 hour Photoshop/Lightroom workshop for the beginner or advance photographer. Explore the power of both Photoshop & Lightroom to bring your photography to the next level. We will also be doing a location photoshoot to create images for the class.

Workshop Dates : October 1 -28, 2018  All classes by appointment.

Workshop Locations : Brooklyn Heights, Midtown Manhattan

Workshop Fee : $ 125 Special for August  only, $ 200 for 2 people

Topics covered will include suggested program preferences, the various revised and new modules and panels and what they do, assorted tools and presets, templates, working in programs with plug-ins such as Silver Efex Pro (for black-and-white conversions), Color Efex Pro (for special effects), Photomatix and HDR Efex Pro (for processing HDR images), and Photoshop (for other tasks – stitching and content aware fill, among others).

We begin with an introductory overview of Adobe Lightroom 4.0, which describes the database components, catalog files, previews files, the metadata structure, and the steps for setting up application preferences specific to your personal digital photography workflow requirements.

Topics include digital camera setup, choosing appropriate file formats for image capture, efficiently downloading images from camera or hard drive, sorting, rating, editing, global tone and color correction, critical local corrections, input and output sharpening, presenting slideshows, and printing photographic images using Adobe Lightroom 4.0 from start to finish. Our experts emphasizes using Adobe Lightroom to its fullest potential by generating time-saving keywords and metadata searches, presets, and templates.

Once images are organized and processed, participants learn how to produce slideshows and web galleries within Lightroom 4.0. We also study slide presentations and look at ways to integrate Adobe Photoshop or Elements for further image processing if desired. Elle will share his recommendations and strategies for making clear decisions based on how Lightroom benefits each participant’s personal approach and digital photography workflow needs.

Under our guidance, participants come to see why Adobe Lightroom 4.0 puts deliberate focus on the word “speed”. Learning this program allows photographers to spend less time in front of their computers and more time behind their cameras.

What you will learn in the One Day Photoshop Class

  • How to optimize photos and other images for Web and Print.
  • How to work on individual (selected) parts of an image
  • How to work in an organized, best-practices fashion
  • How to apply artistic effects to selections or whole layers
  • How to create seamless composites from multiple image sources.
  • How to fix badly damaged images, such as old torn photos
  • How to distort and transform images
  • How to save images for print and the web.
  • How to optimize images for the high-resolution displays, such as on the Apple iPad 3.
  • How to communicate visually with impact and clarity.
  • brooklyn promenade nite nokia lumia
  • Shot with a Nokia cell phone

Solar Eclipse Photography – August 21, 2017

Where to shoot the solar eclipse in New York City

I found this great meetup in Governor’s Island. Link here

Governor’s Island should be a good vantage point to view the partial SOLAR ECLIPSE OF THE SUN from The Hills! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING YOUR OWN EYE PROTECTION!
Let’s hope for good weather to view this rare partial eclipse of the sun from New York City! Bring your picnic lunch to enjoy while we watch the spectacle from The Hills! The eclipse begins at 1:23 pm, maximum eclipse (about 70% – you need to travel to Tennessee for the FULL eclipse!) at 2:44 pm, eclipse ends at 4:00 pm. I will need to leave on the 3:30 pm ferry, but you are welcome to stay longer and enjoy Governor’s Island.
THE MEET UP: Meet BEFORE 11:30 am on the sidewalk outside of the Governor’s Island Ferry Terminal (the ornate terminal to the left of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal at South Ferry) for the 12:00 noon boat – get there early because it is likely to be crowded. The NEXT ferry is not until 1:00 pm, so don’t be late! Length of the walk will be about 2 miles. Return to Manhattan by the Governor’s Island Ferry – I will be taking the 3:30 pm, but there is also a 4:00, 4:30, 5:00 and 6:00 pm ferry.
$: $2.00 Round Trip Ferry fare. Bring your own picnic lunch – there are also food vendors on Governor’s Island, but they are likely to be crowded and the lines long and slow.

Check map below for directions


Directions from Brooklyn Borough Hall

934 am – Take 5 Train ( Eastchester )
947 am – Bowling Green. walk 6 min
10 am – Battery Maritime Building & Governors Island
1018 am – Governors Island.

Creative Composition for Photographers – Central Park & Met Museum – Indoor Class

Class Description: This is a 4 hour creative composition class for photographers who have pass my camera basics workshop. Please bring an extra long lens if possible. DSLR camera require for this class. we will be shooting both inside the Met Museum & outside in Central Park.

Dates available : January 24-30.2015, Feb. 2-14, 2015
Meeting place :10 am &  1 pm, at Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Workshop Fee: $ 160 per student. Max. of 5 people per class. Class goes from 2-6 pm. We can go an extra hour or two for an extra fee of $ 50.

Photography topics: Composition techniques using rules of third, frame within a frame, camera angles,composition using depth of field techniques

Subject matter: Architecture, still life, people, landscape, nature

Here is the rule of thirds for composition.

Rule of thirds in photography




Rule of composition using rules of third and frame within a frame

blondegirl cherryblossom

Creative Composition Technique – Camera Angles

A Different Camera Angle Can Tell a Completely Different Story

Camera Angle – For anyone starting out in photography as a complete newcomer, the common thing to do is to stay at “normal height” and photograph the subject as you see it.This is all good and well but you will undoubtedly place yourself firmly amongst the masses of the ordinary photographer.

One way to make your images stand out from others is to see it from another angle or viewpoint. When thinking about the subject in front of you and how you will capture it, move around a bit, up and down. Find an angle that no-one else sees or has thought of and start to create you own style.

Once you try this, all sorts of ideas start to flow and it brings a whole new side to your photography. You find yourself doing it more and more in other situations such as weddings or parties. The angle that you choose, can tell a completely different story to the others.

I shot my friend’s horse in Poway, California with a wide angle ( 18mm on the Canon 20D ) and with a low angle. The effect would be different if I shot straight or above but since the horse was taller than I am, I was stuck with the low angle but the shot came out well.

Along with camera angles, think of what’s also in the frame:

What is the foreground interest?
What do you want to appear in the background?
What story can I tell with this image?
What does it say to someone who wasn’t there?
So basically if you are able to; lie down, climb up, get inside, go underneath, get on top, run alongside, dive in, look through, get behind and shove your camera anywhere (within reason) to get that shot that is just a little different.

If you are looking to sell images as stock, these are all vital points to consider, if they are just for you and your images will be displayed somewhere, it is great if they still provoke these kinds of questions, just like any art.

Digital Camera Basics for Beginners in Philadelphia

Get technical with Elle in this 2-part Camera Basics Workshop for Beginners. Elle  is a bi-coastal commercial  & portrait photographer specializing in shooting portraits, fashion, travel, landscapes, & street documentary.   His  website is

Workshop Fee : $ 250 for the two classes. Part 1 & 2 – Camera Basics. Classes are 4 hours long.
Dates available : April 2 – June 2, 2019
Shooting locations :  Center City, Fishtown, Fairmount Park
What to bring : Canon or Nikon DSLR Body,Sony, Basic kits lens, One prime lens, Telephoto Zoom (optional), External Flash (optional), Tripod
What is not included in the class : Meals, Attraction Fees

Canon 70d

Check out Chris Gampat review on the 70D

This introductory workshop is for beginners who would like to learn the basics of their digital camera.Are you still using automatic settings? Then this class is for you! Students discover how digital cameras work and how to control their image making. Elles’s workshop is an exciting way to learn the technical skills of image making and the proper settings for consistent results.

Aperture / f-stop
Shutter speed
Proper exposure
Focus vs. autofocus
Focal length
Depth of field
White balance
Typical camera settings
Class needs:

Students are required to bring any DSLR brand camera with an interchangeable lens. All skill levels are welcome.